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Islamic Theology (‘Aqīdah)

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AQD God, Religion and Politics in the Modern World
(No Doubt)
A study of contemporary theological and political issues and controversies. (Single weekend) View
AQD 101 Doctrines of Faith I
(Light of Guidance)
Introduction to the sciences of Islamic Theology (ʿaqīdah); Allāh’s Lordship and Right to Be Worshipped; reality and categories of tawḥīd; concepts of shirk, kufr and nifāq. (Double weekend) View
AQD 201 Doctrines of Faith II
(Light Upon Light)
The reality of Allāh’s Names and Attributes; types and categories; rulings pertaining to belief in them; linguistic derivations from the Scriptures; historical survey of sectarian differences in this topic. (Single/Double weekend) View
AQD 301 Doctrines of Faith III
(Rays of Faith)
Belief in angels, prophets, books, hereafter, signs of the Day of Judgment, pre-destination, Paradise and Hell. (Double weekend) View
AQD 401 Doctrines of Faith IV
(Darkness to Light)
Understanding essential Islamic terminologies and their applications (al-asmāʾ wa’l-aḥkām). The reality of imān; its increase and decrease; the necessary requirement of actions being a part of iman. The reality of kufr; the dangers of and rulings pertaining to takfīr. The concept of al-jamāʿa, Sunnah and bidʿah; status of Companions. (Double weekend) View
AQD 402 Heresiology Historical and theological analysis of the development of various groups and schisms in Islam. (Online module). coming soon
AQD 403 Comparative Religion World religions, with emphasis on modern Judaism and Christianity (Single weekend). coming soon
AQD 404 Signs of the last day
(All Around Us)
Study of The major and Minor signs of the last day View

Ethics (Adab)

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ADB 101 Islamic Ethics
(Rules of Engagement)
The concept of ethics in Islam and the character of a Muslim. (Single/Double weekend) View
ADB 102 The Purification of the Soul
(A Heart Serene)
A study and analysis of the concept of purification of the soul and spirituality in Islam. (Double weekend) View
ADB 103 Al-Adab Al-Mufrad
(Protect This House 103)
Commentary on Imām al-Bukhāri’s Al-Adab Al-Mufrad. (Single weekend - taught by Sh Abu Eesa) View
ADB 104 The Muslim Family in the Modern World
(Protect This House 104)
Dealing with the modern day family dynamic; fixing relationships; parenting (Single weekend - taught by Sh Yaser Birjas) View
ADB 201 An In-Depth Study of the Spiritual Practices of the Best Generations
(Behind the Scenes)
A unique Purification of the Soul class. Primarily based on Mukhtasar Minhaj’l-Qasidīn (The Methodology of The Seekers) by Imam Ibn Qudāmah al-Maqdisi. (Single weekend) View
ADB 202 Islamic Code of Ethics
(Art of Manners)
Whilst cultural norms and values change with the times, this class is designed to teach the eternal morals and principles which will always be visible in your actions, and how to improve your overall character in the hope of attaining happiness in this life and the next. View

Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh)

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FQH 101 Fiqh of Worship I
(The Purification Act)
Covers in detail the principles and rulings covering types of water, pure/impure substances, wudhū’, ghusl, tayammum, the nullifiers, etiquettes, the prohibited matters, menstruation, post-partum rulings, feminine hygiene, and much more. (Double Weekend) View
FQH 102 Fiqh of Worship I (Tahārah)
(The Purification Act II)
Covers in detail the principles and rulings covering types of water, pure/impure substances, wudhū’, ghusl, tayammum, the nullifiers, etiquettes, the prohibited matters and more. (Single Weekend) View
FQH 201 Fiqh of Worship II (Salāh)
(Divine Link)
The rulings of adhān, description of the prayer, congregational prayer, Friday prayer, Eid prayer, voluntary prayers, prayer for those who have special needs or circumstances. (Double weekend) View
FQH 202 Fiqh of Worship III (Death & Inheritance)
(The Last Breath)
The funeral prayer and procedure (janāzah); procedure of wills; outline of rules of inheritance; rulings pertaining to illness. (Double weekend) View
FQH 301 Fiqh of Worship IV
(Rizq Factory)
Types and rules of charity (zakāh); fasting; pilgrimage (Hajj); rules pertaining to sacrificial animals, oaths and vows. (Double weekend) View
FQH 302 Fiqh of Marriage
(Fiqh of Love)
Rules of marriage and divorce; sexual intimacy; Prophetic example of marriage; child custody. (Double weekend). View
FQH 303 Fiqh of Food & Dress
(Precious Provisions)
Rulings regarding slaughtering animals (dhabh); hunting; permissible and impermissible foods; male clothing and external appearance; female clothing, hijab, and external appearance. (Single weekend) View
FQH 304 Fiqh of Worship V - Fasting & Zakāh
Classical and contemporary Zakāh rulings and principles and the Fiqh of Fasting View
FQH 401 Fiqh of Money & Transactions
(Pure Paisa)
Classical Islamic Economics with modern examples of business transactions, and the concept of usury (riba). (Double weekend, taught by Sh Yaser Birjas) View
FQH 402 Fiqh of Earning & Spending
(Pure Paisa 2.0)
Everything you need to know about your money issues and how to keep it halal; personal finance and business transactions; understanding prohibitions in financial contracts. (Single weekend, taught by Sh Abu Eesa) View
FQH 403 Culture, Identity, and Fashion
This seminar dives into modern and contentious issues surrounding clothing and culture Muslims face in the Western world, while discussing classical Islamic positions and sources. View

Legal Theory (Usūl’l-Fiqh)

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USL 101 Evolution of Fiqh
(The Code Evolved)
Historical analysis of the development of Islamic jurisprudence and legal theory; survey of the development of the legal schools (madhāhib). (Single/Double weekend) View
USL 201 Islamic Legal Theory I
(Code of Scholars)
A study of Islamic rulings and their sources, and an introduction to the science of Islamic Legal Theory. (Single/Double weekend) View
USL 301 Islamic Legal Theory II
A study of the methodology by which rulings can be derived from the texts, and resolving any conflict and contradiction between evidences. The rulings of ijtihād and taqlīd (personal reasoning and imitation). The etiquettes of fatwa and its rulings. Introduction to Islamic Legal Maxims. (qawāʿid). (Double weekend) View

Qur'anic Sciences (‘Ulūm’l-Qur’ān)

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QRN The Art of Contemplating the Quran
(Lost in Translation)
Introduction to the Science of Tafsir, principles and guidelines on developing a relationship with the Qur'an for people of all abilities. (Single Weekend) View
QRN Quran Interactive
(Quran Interactive)
QRN Quran Night
(Quran Night)
QRN 101 Sciences of the Qur’ān
(Route 114)
Introduction to the field of Qur’ānic Sciences (ulūm’l-Qurān), The Revelation (al-waḥy), the causes of revelation (asbāb’l-nuzūl), the compilation of the Qur’ān, and the concept of aḥruf & qira’āt. A critical analysis of English translations and special emphasis on modern Orientalist thought. (Single/Double weekend) View
QRN 201 Tafsīr Juz' ‘Amma
(Touched by an Angel)
Explanation with lessons and wisdom derived from selected sūrahs from Juz’ Amma. (Single weekend) View
QRN 202 Tafsīr Sūrat'l-Baqarah
(Breach of Covenant)
Explanation with lessons and wisdom derived from selected verses from Sūrat’l-Baqarah. (Double weekend) View
QRN 203 Tafsīr Juz' Tabārak
(Eternal Journey)
Explanation with lessons and wisdom derived from selected sūrahs from Juz’ Tabārak. (Double weekend) View
QRN 204 Tafsīr Sūrat’l-Kahf
(Echoes of a Cave)
Explanation with lessons and wisdom derived from selected verses from Sūrat’l-Kāhf. (Double weekend) View
QRN 205 Tafsīr Sūrat Yūsuf
(Beautiful Patience)
Explanation with lessons and wisdom derived from selected verses from Sūrah Yūsuf. (Single weekend) View
QRN 301 Thematic Tafsīr
(Heavenly Hues)
Introduction to the methodologies of the mufasirīn and the history of tafsīr followed by a selective thematic study of the Qur’ān. (Double weekend) View
QRN 302 Tafsīr Sūrat’l-Raḥmān and Ya Sīn
Explanation with lessons and wisdom derived from Sūrat’l-Raḥmān and Ya Sīn. (Single weekend) View
QRN 303 Tafsīr Sūrat’l-Nūr
Explanation with lessons and wisdom derived from Sūrat’l-Nūr. (Single weekend) View
QRN 304 The Tafsīr of Selected Verses of Sūrat Āle-‘Imrān
Learn from the House of ‘Imrān, the stories of Badr and Uhud, unity and solidarity in community, responding to propaganda, resisting Shaytan, and the power of Dua. This chapter is a true cure and recovery guide for all those who are suffering. View
QRN 305 The Epic of Moses
(Once Upon the Nile)
Learn the many elements and characters involved in Musa’s action-packed life and find their parallels to your personal struggles. This class compiles all the verses pertaining to Musa chronologically, studies their context, linguistic genius, and subtle differences. View

Hadith Sciences (‘Ulūm’l-Ḥadīth)

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SNH 101 Sciences of Ḥadīth
(Chain of Command)
The legal status of the Sunnah; history of its compilation; famous scholars of ḥadīth, their works and methodologies, introduction to the sciences of ḥadīth and its narrators (rijāl). (Single/Double weekend) View
SNH 201 40 Ḥadīth of al-Nawawi
(Sacred Scrolls)
A close study and analysis of a selection of the 40 ḥadīth collected by al-Imām al-Nawawi. (Single/Double weekend) View
SNH 202 Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhāri
(Collector's Edition)
A close study and analysis of selections from Ṣaḥīh al-Bukhāri. (Single weekend) View
SNH 203 Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim A close study and analysis of selections from Ṣaḥīh Muslim. (Single weekend) coming soon
SNH 302 Aḥadīth al-Aḥkām A close study and analysis of selections from Bulūgh’l-Marām, Muntaqā’l-Akhbār and ‘Umdat’l-Aḥkām. (Single weekend) coming soon

Islamic History (Sīrah and Tārīkh)

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HST 101 Sīrah
(The Shepherd's Path)
Analysis and overview of the sīrah (life) of the Prophet (ṣallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam). (Double weekend) View
HST 201 History of the Khulafā’
The lives of the four Caliphs. (Double weekend) View
HST 202 Lives of the Companions and Ahl'l-Bayt
(On the Shoulders of Giants)
Introduction to the status of the companions, and ahl’l-bayt (the Prophet’s family). Study of the lives of selected companions of the (ṣallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam). (Double weekend) View
HST 203 Making of the Modern Muslim World
(Islam Invulnerable)
Overview of the period from the Ottomans until present, particular emphasis on understanding the historical background of modern conflicts in the Muslim world. (Double weekend) View
HST 204 Islamic History in Africa, Andalus, and the Americas
(Western Sunrise)
An extensive analysis of Islamic history in three western continents. (Double weekend) View
HST 205 Muslims in the Americas
(Deeper Roots)
Learn about Muslims in the Americas from before Columbus to the slavery period. (Single Weekend) View
HST 206 Islamic History in Ethiopia, al-Andalus and North/West Africa
(New Dawn)
An extensive analysis of Islamic history in Ethiopia, al-Andalus and North/West Africa. (Single Weekend) View
HST 207 The Living Legacy of the Ṣaḥābah
(Shadows in the Sun)
A class dedicated to the lives and legacy of the Ṣaḥābah (raḍyAllāhu ‘anhum). (Single weekend) View
HST 208 Scholars of Islam
(Torch Bearers)
An analysis of the lives of selected influential people from various stages of Islamic scholarship and eras. (Single weekend) View
HST 209 Through the Fire & Torch Bearers
HST 301 The Makkan Seerah
(Desert Rose)
Study the volatile phase of the Prophet’s ﷺ life from birth to hijrah. This seminar sets the scene for the coming of the final messenger who raises the greatest generation of Muslims amidst a backwards society and intense persecution. View
HST 302 Madinan Seerah
Study the transformational phase of the Prophet’s life from hijrah to his death ﷺ. View
HST 401 Nation Builders
(Stories of the Prophets II)
Stories and lessons from the lives of the Prophets mentioned in the Qur’ān. (Single Weekend) View
HST 402 Nation Builders
(Stories of the Prophets I)
Stories and lessons from the lives of the Prophets mentioned in the Qur’ān. (Single Weekend) View

Homiletics (Methodology of Da`wah)

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DWH 101 The Fiqh of Da‘wah
The methodology of da‘wah, character of dā’iyah, etiquettes of dialogue and debate, interfaith programs, da‘wah techniques, history of modern da‘wah movements. (Single weekend) View


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ELC 101 Marriage and Family Life
(Love Notes)
Love in Islam, spousal relations, and etiquettes of family life. (Single weekend) View
ELC 102 A to Z of Women's Modern Fiqh
(Complicated? )
A to Z of Women’s Modern fiqh is covered in this unique single weekend seminar. (Single weekend) View
ELC 103 Living with the Names and Attributes of Allāh
(Valley of the Seekers)
A detailed analysis of the Names and Attributes of Allāh. Extract the etiquettes, wisdom, and their effect on our lives. (Double weekend) View
ELC 104 Shamā’il (Characteristics) of Muhammad (ṣallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam)
(The Prophet's Smile)
The rights of the Messenger of Allāh. A detailed physical and moral description of the Prophet Muhammad (ṣallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam), exclusive attributes, and evidences of his prophethood. (Single weekend) View
ELC 105 Entertainment & Recreation in Islam
(Fiqh of Chillin')
The fiqh of entertainment and recreation in Islam. (Single weekend) View
ELC 106 A Journey Through Heaven and Hell
Understanding the essential Aqeedah and theological issues surrounding life beyond the grave--Heaven and Hell (single weekend) View
ELC 107 Fiqh Ad-Dua & Dhikr
Seminar that will enable students to understand deeper meaning of daily dhikr and Fiqh rulings about it. Learn the proper etiquette of dhikr and feel the power of dua. View
ELC 108 Study of Shayṭān
Comprehensive study of Shayṭān. View
ELC 109 Principles in Spiritual Development
Study of Spiritual Development View
ELC 110 Foundations For Clarifying Textual Misinterpretation
(Firm Ground)
A study of the most commonly misinterpreted source texts in Islam, refuting doubts, developing a methodology for understanding texts View
ELC 111 Life & Leadership Lessons from Women in the Quran
(I Am Her)
This class uses the Quran as the greatest source of empowerment by studying the lives of women mentioned by Allah. View
ELC 112 Unlocking the Names of Allah
(His Majesty)
This class reconnects with His Majesty, studying the linguistic roots of His Names, and how to use them in our everyday lives and Duas. View
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